A book worth reading:

I am posting the following 2 reviews in their entirety, because I think they very accurately describe my wife’s second book,IMPRINTS.

Although I have not posted a review of my own, (who’s gonna believe the proud husband?) I affirm every word of these two reviews. The first is by a very wise spiritual director, the second by a professional reviewer and author.
Stephanie and I write in very different styles. I write “theory.” Stephanie cares nothing for “mere theory,” reality is real. Struggle is real, pain is real, sin is real, grace is real, God is real, victory is real. Life is about what is real, or it isn’t real life. That is what Stephanie’s writing is about.
As I said, Stephanie doesn’t write like I do. I don’t write like she does.
But I often wish I did.

Read the reviews, and check out her site. There are links there from which to order this book, and her first one,
Facing Me: Breaking the Bonds of Siezure Confinement 

Stephanie Sawyer is an accomplished writer and musician, an advocate for people dealing with seizure disorders, and a committed Christian. Five years have passed since her first book, Facing Me, was published. In that first book, she shared honestly her struggles with seizure disorder with a goal of helping others. Imprints documents the Lord’s victory in her shattered life. These are vignettes of her journey through stark circumstances, told in this writer’s honest and erudite style.Gut-level Faith
Gut-level Faith
Stephanie Sawyer’s life is proof that if one enters into deep and honest relationship with God, and has the courage to live with an open heart, that heart is going to be changed! It won’t always be fun, it won’t always look pretty, but it will always result in new life, a view through new eyes, and another step toward wholeness. Going to the mat with the living God is not for sissies. But after each round, the bell sounds with joy! I commend Ms. Sawyer for her honest, vulnerable, lay-it-all-out-there style.
– J. Troy

Despite financial downturns, public seizures, fractured relationships, a failing marriage, and disappointments, Sawyer’s indomitable spirit survives. The appearance of a loving Lord Jesus saves her from a destructive life spiraling out of control. Unexpected gifts of compassion from friends and strangers brighten her darkest days. In her lowest hours, God sends who and what she needs. Sawyer considers these human gifts from God to be kindly angels, diamonds of light sent to illuminate her path to wholeness. An empathetic pastor gently eases her back into the Christian community she deserted out of despair. A wise mentor dispenses support and advice in generous measure. Discerning strangers provide kindness and concern in troubled moments.

These are stories of Christ’s healing grace, told by a woman who has struggled and failed but finally emerged victorious. The message throughout is that Jesus can help us overcome any trial if we open our hearts to him as Ms. Sawyer did. She shares her story without self pity or recriminations. The result is heart warming and encouraging to any reader who has ever grappled with illness, rejection, sorrow, or failure. Imprints is Ms. Sawyer’s gift to us all and highly recommended.

Review by Laurel Johnson



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