Visitor at my Front Door: A Rant

If you are not up for a rant, pass this one by!

10 Minutes ago I had a very interesting “front door” experience that I would like to tell you folks about; partly because I am worked up enough to want to gripe, and partly because some folks deserve to be talked about. I hope it helps someone, I know it will help me.

Got a knock on the door from a nicely uniformed tradesman, insignia for GE, and a smaller name patch saying “Pinnacle”, who I didn’t know at all, (until Google). He had an ID badge around his neck, looked very up-and-up. He said “You’ve heard of GE? … Don’t worry, I’m not a salesman!” (boy did he get THAT right!)

Started by “interviewing” me about traffic control in our neighborhood (we are on a cul-de-sac, maybe ten houses. He had a hard time accepting that we didn’t get a lot of strangers driving through. I turned and looked 3 houses down to the dead end, and said “No, not much through traffic. If you don’t live here, no real reason to be on this street. Where would they go?” Then he asked me about neighborhood lighting (“we are investigation the possibility of doing some upgrades in your neighborhood”) OK, maybe this is data collection to hit up our home-owners assoc. with a bid. I told him street lighting was fine as far as I am concerned.

Next, he told me that our house was about the age they were looking to work with, about a year or less in this neighborhood (and now, am starting to expect to hear that he has half a load of driveway sealant that he hates to waste, will let me have it for ½ price as a demo for the rest of our neighborhood!). The kicker was when I looked sadly at our ADT security sign, and asked me about it (was it already here when we moved in, or what) as if that was going to mess up whatever “free offer” GE was going to bestow on us.

Then he asked me, in reference to the sign, “How long have you been advertising for ADT?” I told him that we had selected ADT when we first moved in, based on prior experience, and that this interview was over.

Against his protests as I was closing the door in his face, I told him why, and again told him the interview was over, and to get of my property. “Did you understand what I said” “yes” “then why are you still standing here” he left.

As I came back in and hit Google, it seems that they are simply a competitor to ADT, using GE equipment, and he was marketing there product to likely targets. Nothing wrong with that, a little competition is good for us all. But this is what I don’t understand: Maybe those of you who are in sales can enlighten me, or I you.

He started of his pitch with various lies and misstatements, which would have to come out before we could close a deal. He derided his competition for putting their phone number on the yard sign, thus making it advertising (Pinnacle’s yard signs also have their phone number!) and, since I had selected them, berating my reasoning ability to make reasonable choices.

Now I admit to being somewhat sales-pitch phobic. But how in the name of Zig Ziglar can you expect me to trust you enough to sign a contract, when the first words out of your mouth were to lie and mislead?

“Oh, I was lying then, but you can trust everything ELSE I say.” What’s up with that?

OK, rant over. I am breathing easier. I do wish I had gotten his “office number” and had someone to complain to. But that would have involved playing along, entering into my own deception. I guess I am content with simply complaining about them to several thousand (OK, hundred … would you believe 6) other potential customers.

BTW, I’ve been happy with ADT, home and work, for decades. Call them instead.


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