Write a Commentary for Lent

I have begun a new project, one that is so far above me that it embarrasses be to mention it. I would not, except I have found that when I don’t confess my plan, I am likely to shrink back. When I don’t make my thoughts public, I am free to make them sloppy. So I am writing my own commentary on “The Gospel According to John”

No reader will be surprised that this commentary is the work of an untutored layman. Indeed, any surprise would be that I would think I should make such a declaration; that I may imagine that anyone could be confused as to my lack of credentials. The purpose of this work is not to reveal anything to anyone, except my own ignorance to the author. I have discovered the truth that to write is to think, or perhaps more truthfully, that to fail to write is to think so slothful as to scarcely deserve the name. If ever you should desire to understand something, see if you can put down on paper that which you DO understand. Every sentence that forms exposes the ignorance of his brothers, and they return the favor.

But confrontation with my own ignorance is not such a bad thing. Nothing is more certain to drive me into the pages of a good book, to the words of a good friend (or a good adversary!) the Bible itself, to the teaching of the Lord, the Holy Spirit, and ultimately to God.

This is begun in January of 2012, as an early start on a Lenten discipline. I intend to post a good bit of it as I go, but probably not all.

I would also be shocked if it is ever finished (Certainly do not look for it by Easter!), in the sense that I consider it in some fashion complete. But I do intend to get through to the end. I expect it will be quite an adventure!

R. Eric Sawyer
(p.s. I would highly encourage you to do the same!)


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