Time to Start Writing Again

It’s been awhile! I had wondered where you had been!

no, wait. That’s not right, I’m the one who was gone.

I’ve been on a self-indulgent departure from writing, and it is high time I quit it.  Quitting, that is. I need to stop that. I need to write. Obviously. My brain has been turning to mush.

When I took up this blog silliness, I said that on of the influences was that of my father. How when he dropped me off in the dormitory at Univ. of Houston back in 1973, he told me to write every day. Write something, it didn’t matter what. Schoolwork, letters, journal –anything. Just keep putting words on paper for the mental exercise of it. He led me to the idea that if I am not writing, I am not thinking; at least not in any form worthy of the name. I may be observing random thoughts fly across my brain, but unless I am trying to capture them, make them responsible to other thoughts, they are no more like a trained and powerful team of Clydesdales than are a herd of wild donkeys romping in a meadow.

I won’t say that “to write is to think” – I’ve read some of my own stuff before, and know what mindless drivel I can generate. But at least if one writes mindless drivel, it shows itself for what it is. You may or may not recognize it, but put it out on the internet, and someone is likely to point it out to you before long. I take that as a kindness

To write may make it possible to think. And perhaps that is why I have been avoiding it.

I’ve been a mess, and didn’t want to think.

But it is time for me to pay attention to Ephesians 5:14, paraphrased in a song I use to know as
“Awake O sleepers, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you life!”
Time I trusted that.
Time I woke up.
I need to write again.


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