About Random Musings

I am a Christian, trying to live out that life as a member of the Anglican Communion, the current expression of which in the USA is the Episcopal Church, which is at this time deeply troubled.

OK, why start this blog? I don’t quite think it’s to enlighten the digital hoards clamoring ‘round my virtual cabin door, hoping for a morsel of wisdom never heard before! Then why?

I deeply hope that I have very little original to add. Anything purely original, at least on the topics that interest me, is almost certainly wrong. All that is truly wise and accurately descriptive of the ways of God and man has been said before, and by wiser heads than mine. Among the surest paths to error is to indulge the craving to be novel. However, there are several tasks which may still bear fruit:  cataloguing the wisdom gained over the years past, or perhaps discovering it afresh and testing it against the old; or taking the conflicting ideas I do know, and attempting to see how they might fit together into a seamless whole.

These are the sort of things that interest me:

We know that “x” is true.
We also know that “y” is true,
and we know that  “x” is not “y”
What then does that tell us about the nature of “x”, “y”, and “truth”

But why write? Because to write is to think. When my father said goodbye after moving me into the dorms at Univ. of Houston back in ’73, he admonished me to write every day. Write something, no matter what, but attempt to put thoughts on paper. I did, to a large degree, for years, and then stopped. After too much rest, one gets flabby and slack.

But why blog? I have deeply enjoyed the interaction at some of my favorite sites,  where I have sometimes added a comment. What I find is this: my father’s advocacy of writing draws fruit from the fact that one’s thinking is made accountable by being written. If I simply put down the “chain-of-consciousness” ramblings that I call my “thoughts,” I get a chaotic mish-mash of thought and noise, a dozen topics tossed together (I hate those kinds of novels!) Writing forces one to try to tease it into some recognizable form, to discard at least some of the crud. Then the thought can stand or fall on its own merit.

And that, too, is a major reason to write. I don’t believe we can be easily corrected from errors which we cannot articulate. Left in their native form, my jumble of thoughts and errors can no more be purged from my mind than can fine dust be swept. First, it must be dampened, made to hold some regular shape, so that it may be removed at ease (from Pilgrim’s Progress, one of the lessons ‘Christian’ learns in the house of the Interpreter).

But finally, putting this stuff in a blog forces one more level of accountability. That is an accountability before you, and any who should happen by this site. I expect that you may shake your head in amusement at some of these musings, but feel free to stop for a moment and throw a comment full of cold water on the dust of my errors.

Such a kindness will help me sweep.


9 responses to “About Random Musings

  1. Emily

    Hey, Dad, whatcha thinkin’? Miss your blog.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog yesterday, it was much appreciated.

  3. Bruce Baker

    is it possible to subscribe to this, I cannot see that choice.


    • Sorry for the late reply Bruce.
      The subscribe feature (By e-mail, rather than RSS) was just added.

      If you would like to use it, it is the third block from the top on the Right sidebar.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and “liking” my blog post today! It made my evening! Keep clicking away–both on the keyboard and with your camera 🙂

  5. Cynthia

    Hi! I have a question for you but on the mobile version (all I have access to right now) I can’t find a way to privately email you. Would you please email me? Thanks.

    • Cynthia, I appreciate your intrest. As the purpose of this site is to engage publicly, it does not include a link for private communications. However, since you asked, I am going to provide a “disposable” email address for the present, then to be discarded when and if that seems good. Such things tend to fill up with spam pretty quickly!
      You can email me at
      Thanks for stopping by!

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