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Seizures versus Demons: a response to “Concerned”

My wife (Stephanie S. Sawyer) has written much about  her experiences with epilepsy, including her first of two books, “Facing Me”.She has been a persistant and effective advocate for those afflicted with this disorder, and nationally recognized for “Making a Difference” in this cause.

She recently posted an article about one of her experiences with epilepsy in the church. That article is on SQUIDOO.COM, and is titled “Seizures versus Demon Possession: The Church’s Mistake”

She received this response from “Concerned”

Concerned wrote

if you will not accept or admit that you have a demon (seizure) you will not be delivered from these attacks.

My response was too lengthy for the format there, so I am posting it here, with a link from her site. Continue reading



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