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Book Review: “Unabashedly Episcopalian” by Andy Doyle

Well, I just finished my weekend reading, a new little book entitled
“Unabashedly Episcopalian” 
written by the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle,
9th Bishop of the Diocese of Texas (Episcopal)

Before a review, something of a disclaimer:

First, Bp. Doyle is my bishop.

Those who know me well will know what an amazing statement that is.
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“The Evolution of Adam” byPeter Enns: some early thoughts

I have been very slowly reading through The Evolution of Adam  by Peter Enns. I am nowhere near the end, not even up to the meat of his topic, which I understand is to involve an examination of Pauline soteriology, how sin and its consequences entered into humanity via the sin of our one proto-elder,  and that we are saved from sin and its consequences through the action and sacrifice of Jesus.  I understand that Ennis intends to look at this teaching in light of current thought about evolution, with an expected absence of a unique common “Adam,” and also of current academic thinking about the nature of the Old Testament scriptures. The topic interests me greatly. Continue reading

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