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A Letter of Recommendation… Still valid

While cleaning some files on an old hard drive, I came across a letter of recommendation I wrote a few years ago on behalf of my former wife Stephanie, and decided I wanted to share it with you. The letter does not involve me in any way, except in that I recognized the truths expressed in it.

So why make it public now?

In small part, because I believe it to be a necessary addendum to impressions I may have left before. But even more, I think it is important because it celebrates a large portion of Stephanie’s character. I believe it is very important that such things be celebrated. A recurring theme in these musings has been the observation that God erases nothing, but He instead redeems all things and works them together for ultimate good – that even things that are dark and painful are first enlightened, and then become vehicles of light as they are laid at the feet of our Lord. Stephanie’s living example is one of the reasons I am convinced that these things are true.

Last, there are many good people who struggle with seizure disorders, and with the stigma, “the box” into which most of us try to force them or their family members. I do not have the power of Stephanie’s witness, but if I can point people to her; if they, too can be encouraged and drawn to this reflective light, it is a good thing.

Here is my letter …………… Continue reading


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Seizures versus Demons: a response to “Concerned”

My wife (Stephanie S. Sawyer) has written much about  her experiences with epilepsy, including her first of two books, “Facing Me”.She has been a persistant and effective advocate for those afflicted with this disorder, and nationally recognized for “Making a Difference” in this cause.

She recently posted an article about one of her experiences with epilepsy in the church. That article is on SQUIDOO.COM, and is titled “Seizures versus Demon Possession: The Church’s Mistake”

She received this response from “Concerned”

Concerned wrote

if you will not accept or admit that you have a demon (seizure) you will not be delivered from these attacks.

My response was too lengthy for the format there, so I am posting it here, with a link from her site. Continue reading


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