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For the working musicians among us (and especially to Kelly):

This started as a FB response to an excellent musician who is a friend of mine, and a bit discouraged. As it grew too long for that, I thought of all the other working musicians I know, including S, who I have written about here.

For the working musicians among us (and especially to Kelly):

OK Kelly, I was just playing before. Now you’ve got me going (Besides, this cough has turned me into an insomniac night owl too).

Of course you’ll be fine. No, there’s no need to worry. Damn straight you’re exhausted, but how is that so different from your “normal” times? whatever that means.  As for being weird, as a cop-out, I don’t buy it. As a somewhat pleasant descriptor, yes you are.

Honestly Kelly, I get it. I’ve spent the last 30 years married to a musician (are you ALL weird?) who could have written your note herself many times. Continue reading


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St. Patrick

On this day set aside in honor of St. Patrick , I am bringing forward this post of  my favorite hymn. it is a translation of

 St. Patrick’s Breastplate

It is one I definitely want sung at my funeral. My challenge (and it is a good exercise for anyone) is to examine and amend  my life; and so live that my choice makes sense to that small band who would come to my funeral.  I don’t want people saying “Say what! why did he pick THAT?”  Continue reading

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